Leah (osmosis_bro) wrote,

Okay kids, my journal is now....

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what about me? my new pervy partner in crime ;P
what about you? I added you to my friends list a couple days ago, can you get into my journal?
really? my computer sucks a whole lot and sometimes doesn't load stuff on the internet which leaves me utterly confused on live journal. that's probably it.
well let me know if my entries start to show up on your friends page, i feel bad!
i think it's okay, i'll tell you otherwise if they don't.
ooohg i love it. tell the person who made it to make me one too. mine is uglee.
HAHAHA...... I made it becca. I was just putting it up until someone would make me one that is better! It was my first and only try at an LJ graphic nonsense!
its good. i hate the one i made. i am looking for a better one too.
OOO its like a secret club lol

so heres a question for you. How many of your friends on your friends list do you actually know, as in have met and whatnot? just curious.

i might have some more rufus love for you this week as he's in the uk, im checking the press daily.

obsessed moi? lol nooooo
it is a secret club. we will do secret things and have secret hand shakes and code words and everything.

no, wait, I am far to lazy for all of that...

My friends list...i know, as in knew them before livejournal, 9 of the people on my list. Hopefully, however, I will be meeting two more friends that i made through LJ in april! so that is exciting!

If you do encounter some rufus love, you know where to send it! SEND ME YOUR LOVE!

obsessed? of course. am i? certainly! but we are in a secret club where no one cares, we are the shit.
hiii, will you add me? I'm a Baptist and we all must love each other :D Plus, oldwhore speaks very highly of you!!
you are added my friend.

Baptists must all love each other!!

yay for people speaking highly of me!

::does happy dance::

*dances wit choo*
be akios friend again>>?>>>
of course!
do you like joshua radin? join joshuaradin.
of course.
dahling leahkins. this is allisonface. add me.