Leah (osmosis_bro) wrote,

Making and effort.

So livejournal tells me that it has been something like 24 weeks since I have posted an update. I remember a time in my not so distant past that an absence of that length would seem unfathomable. Anyway, I feel inspired to type into this little text box and update my friends list with words about my current life.

- I am staying at school this summer as a resident assistant impostor. I keep track of all of the foreign groups that have chosen to use the wagner college dorms as their home base while they are visiting the city.

- This requires very little work from me, which is excellent except for the part where it is much less lucrative than I would prefer.

- I just returned from a week at the beach. A week is no where near long enough.

- I am being teased by a mouse. He lives in my room, and I wish he would not. He knows that I won't kill him and he is taking advantage.

- I am seeing Rufus Wainwright on august 19th in central park.

- I am officially scheduled to take the GRE on august 22 at 12:30pm. oh shit.

- I am taking one summer class, which is officially the easiest class I have ever taken. I should be studying for the midterm on tuesday.

- I am moving into my new apartment on August 10th. That means that I have to pack.

- I have to apply to graduate schools/programs so very soon. I am unsure where I will be exactly one year from now.

- I am approaching a 2 year anniversary. That is just plain crazy.

- I am going to Italy in January.

- I am graduating in less than one year.

- I am going on a cruise in less than one year.

- I am wearing manshorts.

- I have, within the last 3 hours, had to turn down invitations to Siren Fest and the Eighties Prom at Webster hall for tonight because I need to study more before my online Kaplan resources for the GRE run out at midnight. Learning sucks.

Okay, my desk shift ending in 9 minutes.

maybe I will return to livejournal again sometime before I am 30.
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