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It has been a long time, yet again.

I am home for Christmas and I have never appreciated it as much as I do right now. Lights are on the tree and the fire is going and my dog keeps my feet warm at night.

This semester is the most hectic that I have ever had. It went by so quickly that I am still reeling. I officially have an internship for next semester at an organization called Freedom From Fear. I am actually going to be able to sit in on therapy sessions, so that is really exciting. I can not believe that next semester is my last, well at undergraduate at least. I am applying to Ph.D. programs right now. 3 more to go. Hopefully that works out, but I don't have my hopes up... we'll see.

I am going to see the dolls on new year's eve! I am excited, I haven't seen them in over 2 years. Then I am going to Florence, and I literally can not wait. I am over-flowing with excitement.

Life isn't too bad right now.

Happy Holidays all.
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